Wednesday, February 17, 2010

la vida loca

love the dia de los muertos inspired image on her knee 
wearing a whisper white, flowy, dress by the late Alexander McQueen
this dress is like a tapestry and blends right into her personal artwork
                                 sexy stiletto's, Dolce Gabanna
 the hollywood script looks like it was written in red lipstick

Kat Von D was one of my first posts in my blogger beginning. She still inspires me as seen here. Before sobriety she once drank a bottle of vodka while MI VIDA LOCA was being tattooed on her back. . I know there are tons of other females with tattoo's I just think her story is impressive. Katherine Von Drachenberg by birth name, German and Latin descent. She grew up in Mexico, came to this country with English as a second language raised with a classical music back round, self taught tattoo artist and now rock star royalty with business at High Voltage Tattoo and the reality TV show LA. Ink, where you catch glimpses of Kat stenciling her magic. Love her make up line at Sephora, long lasting almost like a permanent tattoo of color while wearing. My favorite eye palette, Ludwig as in Beethoven, with a true mix of earth tones and warm neutrals and loved by even the most skeptical of make up artists. Kat Von D's most recent quest, journaling her tattoo experiences with feather quill on pen to paper in a soon to be released second book.

images: inked magazine


stells and co. said...

Love the pics...she's one cool lady!

Anonymous said...

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I dream other ones would think like us all! Continue the good posts I'm taking a look at you now ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm totally happy I stumbled upon this blog! You were so precise!!
I wish most people might just think the same as you! Continue the great discussions I'm viewing you now ; )

Anonymous said...

Superior visiting that web site.

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