Thursday, February 18, 2010

floral headbands + springy curls

how much is too big for a floral headband?

                                          perfect for a spring soirre wedding
  soft waves look best tosseled with fingers or with a little fluff from a brush
ballerina inspired poses, tulle skirts, and shoes like this make me want to dance too

These lovely floral and ribbon inspired headbands are so romantic and can do a lot for a bad hair day as seen here. I like the non-traditional vibe for a Spring Wedding as well. Maybe it's just Spring Fever lately that makes me want to think with reckless abandon about all the fabulous things to do with hair and texture and romantic curls like this. A flip of your curling iron spiraling in different directions about an inch or so away from the crown can give a more casual look. For added softness and stay a dab of Mousse Forte on dry hair before curling does the trick using a brush like this to soften into cascading waves.
images: via nonpareil magazine        


Alina said...

thanks for the curly hair info. I have naturally wavy hair and only one cheap drug store brand mousse really works for my hair. but no matter what i do its ends up frizzy :( any suggestions??

Thanks! Hope all is well :)

haircutting in high heels said...

Hi Alina
my suggestion would be try using a leave-in conditioning serum before the mouse, to layer. Even the curliest of hair still needs help to avoid the frizz. I hope that helps.

stells and co. said...

I LOVE the pics! The curls, the hair colour, the dress and headband....all amazing!

Fé... said...

So many of my friends are getting married these days. And your blog has been a wonderful inspiration. Thanks a lot deary...

Kristin said...

Such a gorgeous look. And you can never go wrong with tulle in my book!

CC said...

Love floral headbands!
Curly hair FTW. Thanks for sharing the tips! :)

COCAMIA said...

Gotta get into these floral headbands! They look so beautiful on so many girls but somehow I am not sure if I can pull it off!

Alina said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely try to the leave in and serum : )

Alina :)

Deliciously Organized said...

the last picture is so gorgeous...i love that headband.

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