Thursday, December 31, 2009

pink champagne & penélope cruz

New Years Eve in Pasadena, home of the Rose Parade and Rosebowl game to follow is a flurry of excitement as I mentioned here. I am working today and beautifying some of my clients for the evening to come. I will sneak out early so I can meet my sissy's for a little decadent Dashing Diva pampering and toasting with this pink bubbly to life and love in the present and the future. I am a New Year's Baby so in a few days I will also be celebrating a Birthday. My wish to see this new Pedro Almodóvar movie.  Here's to a wonderful year of more inspiration from you!
images: penelopecruz, vanityfair

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Twilight , is the lluminating sheer cream primer from my favorite beauty line, Fresh.  I love the consistency of this primer leaves your skin feeling dewey and hydrated with evening primrose which has such antioxidant benefits as well as anti-aging. I take this in supplement form as well . I can't say enough about the Umbrian Clay foundation. Very hydrating, less is more, you don't need to use much yet gives lasting coverage, SPF 20! I layered over the primer and my skin was glowing all day long. FYI, purchases at Sephora are gifted with complimentary samples.  I always like to try a new perfume or have one for my cosmetic bag like this fig apricot one. Anti-aging products are my best friend. Fresh, Black Tea age delay face cream and eye cream are my overnighters I will let you know how youthful I look after using!  I haven't indulged in Sugar for a while and I missed it! Since it's all about the eyes this winter Dior gives me some dark sultry lashes with Blackout and  a second coat so I they look long and lush with Diorshow. As a make up artist I constantly like to learn from other's what rocks in their make up world. My Sephora artist was into Nars highlighting duos. I love Nars famous for the blush with the name that makes you gasp, and works. Now that I shared my favorites, what are yours?

images: sephora

Monday, December 28, 2009

big bad voodoo daddy

Pasadena is a flurry of magical events this time of year. With the Rose Parade just around the corner and the Rose bowl game to follow. I have had the luxury of viewing the parade in person as I tumbled out of bed the morning after a neighbors New Years Eve Party and jogged up the block in the early morning of New Years day to my gifted seats on Orange Grove Blvd. Nothing like seeing and smelling the scent of the fresh flowers on the floats as they go by with all of the excitement from children and adults alike leave such memorable moments never to be forgotten. This New Years one of my favorite swing bands, Bad Bad Voodoo Daddy will be performing at Disney Hall.  If you need a little reminding about who these kool kats are think of music from the movie, Swingers. This would be a memorable moment and  nice birthday gift don't you think? What are  your New Years plans this year?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

all the glitter and gold of the season..

  All the glitter and gold of the season is a reminder that it is a time to be near and dear to our loved ones. It's hard not to get lost in the hype of the holiday gift giving. With that said all I want for Christmas are these shoes! Opening up a favorite blogger's page saw the teaser for Sex and the City 2 the movie,  something to look forward to in the New Year.
Another bit of inspiration came from Gwyneth's Goop  this morning as I was reminded that this is a season of giving to thyself as well. With all of the bustle and demands of the season, working to make all my lovelies up and dipping into to much Holiday chocolate, I am usually worn down and need to recover. Today is a time to spend with my abundant family. We give the gift of each other's time and love. Cookies to be cut and, Tamales to be devoured. I can't wait!
Have a golden day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a simple man, a sexy man

Loving the Tom Ford movie, A Simple Man, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. With glimpses of Pasadena and Nuetra architecture, Wire Haired Terriers, (the designer, director's own) and 60's inspired make up, fashion, and music. The movie takes you on a journey of  a love lost tragically and a man's journey through depression and self recovery.  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of this cutie, Jon Kortajarena who plays Carlos in the move.  In the recent W magazine the sexy former fashion designer went thru his own depression upon turning 40 and stepping away from the Gucci design house."When I was asked as a child what I wanted to be, I'd say, 'I want to be rich, I want to be famous, I want to live in the big city, I want to have a fabulous life'," he once said.  He continues to with a new passion for movie making exposed as well as his continuing success with his own luxury line of fragrance and sunglasses in his namesake.

images: vmagazine, tomford

Monday, December 21, 2009

braided beauties

This first piled high, braided, chignon, is magical and a perfect compliment to the season.
The 2009 Fashion Week collections were an inspiration of some fascinating hair trends. The Look: braided beauties, period pieces inspired by the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s and chic chignons. Odile Gilbert and Wella master colorist Eva Scrivo came up with a look that was both unexpected and curious—alluding to the artists of the movement. They offered sleek, sophisticated chignons in a multitude of shapes and a variety of colors.  They used extensions and hairnets for dimension, which made the updos anything but typical.  These braided chignon via runway at  Rodarte “The shapes are simple but the texture is complex." Orlando Pita for Carolina Herrera  created a young but sophisticated version of the 'do. A young take on the classic chignon was the perfect way to pull hair up and include copper rose embellishments from the collection. The look was sophisticated but fresh, and looked like the girls had done it themselves in a hurry. Speaking of Orlando Pita, looking forward to seeing him  as one of the judges on the new season of Shear Genius along with Blowout's, Jonathon Antin, and Matthew McConaughey’s love, Brazillian model Camila Alves make this a must see in the New Year for me!


Friday, December 18, 2009

mangiare madonna

This recent pictorial for Dolce Gabanna is tantalizing. Madonna with a plate of Spaghetti and in the kitchen no less. I have loved the material girl for years. She is an inspiration from yoga to pilates  and hanging with the hotties. This 50 something aritista is doing whatever it takes to stay present to the possibilities with her constant re-invention.

* mangiare italian for eat

images: vanityfair italia

trend vision 2010 make up teaser

How cool is this make up that I came upon so appropriate since my previous post was a sneak peak at Wella Trend Vision 2010.  Love the imagery of make up for Midnite Stage with a dusky Sapphire shimmer on the eye along with a pop of violet. Techno Poetry make up with soft hues of rose and lavender with a blush of coral perfect to enhance blonde hues.
Natures Goddess, love the green so reminiscent of one of my favorite Trucco colors,  past Manhattan Mermaid.  Nomad Culture make up with a very stenciled eye complimented with hues of gold, apricot, and colbalt blue, followed by a glimpse of make up brushes and mascara wands to make it happen.  Sorry for the few days lapsed was with out internet access. I wanted to give a profound shout out to the Jet Set girls for the lovely  gift I won! I love quick results and my skin already feels better. To new guests, thank you for the compliment of a read or follow you make me feel fabulous, and I hope to continue to inspire you.

images: Wella Professionals TrendVision

Monday, December 14, 2009

wella trend vision 2010

Midnite Stage: Color combination, Koleston Perfect and Special Mix to create a jet blue and black with blue undertones adding the drama of the night.

Techno Poetry:  a combination of  Special Blondes with Special Mix for an added pop of pink.

Natures Goddess:  Flowing layers that embody feminine seduction.  Vibrant red tones with some intense reds to add vibrant gloss color accents in hot apricots and gingers .

Nomad Culture:  Rich brown with multi-tonal highlights of bright color. Color is reddish brown tones that incorporate natural base colors mixed with hot bright accents.

Here is a little sneak peak at Wella Trend Vision 2010. For 2010 these diverse Haute Couture looks take inspiration from a blend of culture, nature, dreams and theatricals: Nomad Couture, Nature’s Goddess, Techno Poetry and Midnight Stage. Keep in mind this is a Couture collection, so the inspiration for some of the looks may not be for everyday wear, but the texture and tonality of hair is what makes it new every season. I hope you enjoy the looks.

*All color formulations, my own.

images: behindthechair, wellausa
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