Friday, December 18, 2009

trend vision 2010 make up teaser

How cool is this make up that I came upon so appropriate since my previous post was a sneak peak at Wella Trend Vision 2010.  Love the imagery of make up for Midnite Stage with a dusky Sapphire shimmer on the eye along with a pop of violet. Techno Poetry make up with soft hues of rose and lavender with a blush of coral perfect to enhance blonde hues.
Natures Goddess, love the green so reminiscent of one of my favorite Trucco colors,  past Manhattan Mermaid.  Nomad Culture make up with a very stenciled eye complimented with hues of gold, apricot, and colbalt blue, followed by a glimpse of make up brushes and mascara wands to make it happen.  Sorry for the few days lapsed was with out internet access. I wanted to give a profound shout out to the Jet Set girls for the lovely  gift I won! I love quick results and my skin already feels better. To new guests, thank you for the compliment of a read or follow you make me feel fabulous, and I hope to continue to inspire you.

images: Wella Professionals TrendVision

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