Monday, December 7, 2009

wella koleston perfect

Today is day one of my bi-yearly updates for the Wella Color line that I have been representing since September 2009. I was previously an educator with Wella/Sebastian as a Trucco Make up Artist.  These updates are chock full of info that is jam packed from early a.m. til late into the wee hours like now! You would think that after so many years with Trucco education I would have my presentation skills down pat but I still get nervous and even struggle with a little self doubt. I am presenting the Wella Koleston Perfect color line in a 30-45 minute teach back with my 2 other team educators. My info consists of the consultation: Your  color consultation is your map. Questions to ask your client would be:
Are they warm or cool?
Natural level
Desired level
Percentage of gray/white hair
texture of hair
porosity of the hair
density of the hair
target shade
developer strength
With the color consultation next I will deliver information on the Wella Koleston Perfect Tonal Families:

Pure Naturals: Starting with /0  Pure natural looking color from radiant blonde to full dark tones, perfect for grey coverage especially when using the intense naturals, for course and resistant grey. example: 66/0.
Rich Naturals: Naturally looking color with refined fashionable accents,  a nice balance of cool  and warm tones with ash, matt, and pearl tones.
Vibrant Reds: a wide range of distinctive reds from warm to cool violet tones. The most vibrant of the  reds contain the 5 sided P5 molecule that reflects only red light, Example: 66/45
Deep Browns: A wide range of brunettes from cool frosty browns to warm cashmere colors.
Special Blonde: High lift blondes starting at a level 12/. My favorite to use at the moment, 12/03 and 12/22 for exciting blonde effects.
Special Mix: Pure mix tones that create more intense color and creativity when used within the tonal family of colors. Click here for visual.
I am feeling more confidant as I listen to my live webinar with the information embedded in my brain. I hope you get a little inspiration from this important bit of information that I will be presenting and please let me know if you have any questions. Wish me luck!

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