Monday, December 28, 2009

big bad voodoo daddy

Pasadena is a flurry of magical events this time of year. With the Rose Parade just around the corner and the Rose bowl game to follow. I have had the luxury of viewing the parade in person as I tumbled out of bed the morning after a neighbors New Years Eve Party and jogged up the block in the early morning of New Years day to my gifted seats on Orange Grove Blvd. Nothing like seeing and smelling the scent of the fresh flowers on the floats as they go by with all of the excitement from children and adults alike leave such memorable moments never to be forgotten. This New Years one of my favorite swing bands, Bad Bad Voodoo Daddy will be performing at Disney Hall.  If you need a little reminding about who these kool kats are think of music from the movie, Swingers. This would be a memorable moment and  nice birthday gift don't you think? What are  your New Years plans this year?


Amber said...

wow that sounds like a blast!

Kelly said...

I went to highschool with the piano player of BBVD and had a HUGE crush on him ;)

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