Sunday, August 30, 2009

a touch of nature and a touch of gloss

As I write my latest post, I am reminded by the sound of helicopter's delivering water drops that fires are taking their tole on our nature's conservatory through the Angeles National Forest. To keep my mind off of this disaster I wanted to continue with the new Wella services from the previous post. A touch of Nature is a professional demi color service that we are now offering in the salon. A touch of Nature, would appeal to the brunette who may be a little color shy but curious about enhancing his or her natural color. In the recent seminar I attended, I added hues of redwood, chestnut, and cedar to naturally brown hair to add that extra rich, warmth, with a touch of gold. A Touch of Gloss quickly glosses hair with long lasting shine and also features new Relights a service to refresh color or highlights with a range from soft pastel tones to the more intense reds. Check out this inspiring video from fashion week 2008 with the hottest fashions and elegant hair using Wella High Hair products . Cosmo loves color touch too!

images: Wella

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a touch of vibrancy and light

A Touch of Vibrancy is one of the 4 new Wella professional demi color services that we are now offering in the salon. I am so excited about it as it really takes ammonia-free color to a whole new multi-dimensional level. The most common question women ask in the salon is, how to keep color from fading or how to refresh color. The new improved color touch has superior color and shine with glimmer pigments. The new developer has green tea notes, and a lime and raspberry fruity scent. These added touches as a hairstylist and chemist mixing, up my concoctions is so refreshing especially the noticable difference in organic ingredients such as bees wax to add shine. The days of such harsh detergents in color are no longer, now most professional colors allow you to set foot in the salon with clean hair and still be able to cover the grey. If the hair is excessively oily or gym work-out dirty, I clarify the hair for the best color stay. A Touch of Vibrancy is for the client who is feeling a little adventurous with hair color and not afraid to take it to the next exciting level. A Touch of Light is another service catering to natural blondes, blonde highlights, or naturally light or all over lightened hair that needs a little jazzing up. Think of light dancing with color with radiance. Click here for a salon near you. I thought this was a nice extra Ivana Trump gives kudos to Wella Color touch, and her blonde hair color is looking brighter, and better, than ever.

Images: Wella Professional

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

shoe fetish

Watching the the new season of the Rachel Zoe project was a peek into red carpet, high fashion, frenzy. I loved every bit of it. She is a bit exaggerated in her verbage, "I die," but I think that's why I like to watch. I also can understand how important of a role the chosen hair style for a gown that Zoe's celebrated fashionista will be wearing. She dresses a client from head to toe and with her assistants by her side to deliver the Cartier and Chanel goods I was in fashion heaven. When I was looking for my next shoe lust to display from Brian Atwood, I also noticed Rachel Zoe loved the lola platform pumps too, shown here. These visuals from Brian Atwood's book, Role Play Renee, show a timeless and beautiful, Renee Russo with a shoe fetish. I feel love as I click on his website listening to Donna Summer and dreaming of the shoes I would love to have.

Images: blackbook magazine

Monday, August 24, 2009

educating gina

Today was the beginning of a new chapter in my education with a company that I have worked with for over 10 years. It has been my honor as a make up artist educating other make up artists, and future hairdressers, behind the scenes at hair shows, and beauty stores, and now with the passing of the crown to a new company and lots of changes I was hesitant to change hats. I woke up extra early to anticipate the long drive. I missed my a.m. exercise and even with my efforts to tame my disco feathers they still frizzed! I am not the girl I use to be, perfectly coiffed bob does not make a perfect presentation. I use to think looking the part would help me with the confidence to stand up in front of my pears and present new material that I would in turn be educating to the beauty industry. After years of losing sleep over the perfect presentation, I can now say I am happy that I know what I know and I can wing it pretty well even if it's brand new material and not perfect. Today I took a deep breath (instead of losing my breath), said a prayer, stood up, and gave my peers a big smile and everything just flowed. I leave you with a few pics from the studio hope you enjoy the sexy hair.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

models without make up

In this month's Harpers Bazaar, Some of my favorite models are shown with out make up and their tips for timeless beauty. Shown here are my personal favorites. Cindy Crawford tames her hair with Morrocan oil Helena Christensen keeps her skin luminous and dewey with microdermabrasion and grean tea facials . I like Amber even more after seeing her role as Allegra Cole in the movie, Hitch. Amber uses Epicuren products as part of her beauty regimen. I perform a major miracle on my skin with these products, enzymes, alpha lipoic, and collagen, from Epicuren. Dior eye cream gives me a lift. What do you use?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

inspired by Vivienne Mackinder

Vivienne Mackinder, has long been one of my inspirations in great hairdressing techniques. She wow's her audiences with her whimsical style, entertaining personality, and fierce red hair, as she captivates us with her skills that make braids, and updo's, looks so easy. Some times I just need time to let the master's of hair inspire me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bouffant hair, beehives, and a baby

These bouffant beehives are inspired by none other than Amy Winehouse on a good day. Add a chignon or a braid to the tease to mix it up. Love the make up a little shimmer to touch up already flawless skin. Little children with tutu's and pom-pom boots make my day.

images: beautylaunchpad,kim kardashian

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

maybe baby

Every so often I act on my instinct and these last few days of lingering thoughts of having my own little studio salon where I can master my craft in a small, intimate, and lovely setting comes to life. On my morning walk I took pics of these studios, that have a court yard entrance with a lovely front entrance and parking in the back. Who knows I would probably have to spend a little dough adding a sink and all the amenities but I can dream! I have been exhausted with some issues keeping me from a good nights sleep, so some times I have to take a few steps back to move forward. Thus with the sound advice from Dr. Dean Ornish I have been trying to get my 9 hours of sleep and eat a diet, rich in omega's and anti-oxidants. Last nights meal consisted of Trader Joe's bean and cheese taquito's and my home made guacamole.
Well at least the guacamole is high in good fat. I slept like a baby after watching 3 hours of reality t.v. starting with Wendy Williams, How You Doing? Her guests, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and Antonio Sabato Jr which led me to my next few hours of mindless drama. Better some one else than my own. I love the pic from Barney's window with the mannequin modeling the latest towels which look like rollers on a female head.

Monday, August 17, 2009

aperitivo's at the americana

Nothing like enjoying peach bellini's on a sunday with some italian appetizer's at the new restaurant Amici at the Americana. I was instantly attracted to the outdoor seating of the restaurant that faced a grassy area where children were playing and in view of one of my favorite stores. Nothing beats dining out side with a chandelier. This was an instant attraction as well as the wonderful aperitivo's sent our way by the chef. Just a coincidence that this italian trattoria would be a reminder of wonderful memories past. We shared a pizza and salad. Enjoyed the cocktails and especially the invitation to "Come back soon, ciao bella," music to my ears. Did a little window shopping, and decided I have my uniform set for the winter all inspired by these cardigans. Did I say I like Ruffles?

images: chandelier, cardigans

Thursday, August 13, 2009

at last

A Cosmopolitan is a refreshingly tart drink made with vodka. It's easy to assemble and has a lovely color.
4 parts Citron vodka
2 parts Cointreau or triple sec
2 parts cranberry juice
1 part lime juice
Crushed ice
Shake it up and enjoy!

I'm thinking of changing my high heels what do you think?

Enjoy this lovely rendition of the classic originally performed by my girl, Etta James, that still brings me chills. My god daughter Jessica sang this song to me at a celebration for her 21st Birthday at the Dal Rae. Too many Cosmopolitan's later she belted out the lyrics at the piano bar with a little pause, her apologies later, she forgot the words. She was enchanting just couldn't keep up with her Nina yet!
At last.. the weekend is here, have a lovely one!

images: Martini, Christian Louboutin

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

julia and julienne's

Julia and Julia what a love of a movie. Beside the charismatic character of Meryl Streep playing Julia Childs with all of her boisterous height and bellowing voice, this movie made me want to eat, drink, and go to Paris. One of my most memorable meals in Paris was at L’EntrecĂ´te . The steak was simple and delicious served in a garlic, butter sauce, and served with very crispy fries. My most memorable stay was at the Hotel Costes . I had the best herb salad here, remember to this day. It was the newest, hottest boutique hotel and was the inspiration for some great D.J. lounge mixes to come. A sexy bob showcased on a model on one of the cd covers was inspiration that I brought back to the salon and continues, I love a classic bob. I enjoyed my martini at the Ritz and it was the most expensive I had ever had! It was worth it as I enjoyed the history of the Hemingway bar and beautiful hotel. Back to reality I decided on a little cooking after a busy day in the salon and some education on a great new product. My menu consisted of bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes, on toasted garlic sourdough bread with bruschetta sauce from Trader Joes. This was one of the mouth watering dishes from the movie, I cheated but you can get the recipe here . I added a few slices of mozzarella cheese with basil and accompanied by red wine of course. Dished a little extra for Kelly as a much deserved treat after her vigorous work out. Reminiscing on the movie a little jewel of a restaurant in town comes to mind, Julienne's. The late Sue Campoy, chef and founder of Julienne's also did some studying at the Cordon Bleu just like Julia. With her labor of love, a beautiful hardbound cookbook, Celebrating with Julienne, came to life. Some of my favorite dishes are the apricot chicken salad with a decadent side dish of their signature rosemary bread. I also love the breakfast from huevos Julienne, muy autentico huevos rancheros and the yummy french toast. A slice of heaven in San Marino.
Creative Menu inspired from Julia and Julia at this Palm Beach restaurant.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

jo malone

I first discovered the beautiful fragrances of Jo Malone in the U.K. where she originated, shopping at Harrods. Once I discovered that she was the daughter of a beautician I knew that it wasn't just luck that brought her to deliver the aromatic scents of botanicals and organic products in her skin care, candles, and colognes. I love theLime Basil and Mandarin cologne and can't wait to try the White Jasmine and Mint. My favorite skin care. the Orange & Geranium Night Cream makes my skin glow and with it's citrus and light floral scent it's no wonder I sleep so well. The Green Tea & Honey Eye Cream is nourishing and anti-inflammatory with vitamin E and rich in anti-oxidants. When traveling I treat myself to the Orange blossom shower gel and slather on the Grapefuit body lotion. The evocative scent of Blue Agava & Cacao home candle on a summer night makes reading before bed a dream.
images: Jo Malone
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