Sunday, August 2, 2009

lounge to libations

I am so glad I didn't miss out on last nights fantastic dining experience. My day in the salon was very busy yesterday as Saturday's usually are but especially now with wedding season. The night before these occasions I like to get a good nights sleep you would think I was the one getting married, just my way of feeling fresh and prepared for the beautiful bride. I missed out on a few invites to visit some of the hot new downtown eatery's the previous night so even though I was ready to go home and let calgon take me away, I decided to join the last minute invite to join my friends at Chaya. Our reservations were at 6:30 and we arrived at 7:00 with silly zig-zagging downtown due to one way streets and my navigation. We finally arrived at the valet and dashed in the restaurant feeling like lovely vixens with our men waiting for us at the bar. I was in awe of the funky chandelier with what looked like colorful glass toys hanging from it. It's always nice to wind down with my favorite cocktail and the cosmo's here are delicious and well made. My friends were in a time crunch as they were going to the cirque. Our lively and lovely hostess with her cascading crimson curls in a chignon piled high on top of her head looked hot and I told her so as she guided us to our round table for 5 in the dining room. My appetizer of tuna tartare was decadent and I could have been good with that. Since dining was the experience here I continued with my entree of tasmanian salmon in a silky pinot noir sauce to die for. We skipped out on desert but was not missed since our vino was a sweet treat in itself. As we dashed out through the back entrance I was loving the outdoor seating a cozy hidden area, that reminded me of New York. The hot hostess reminded me to come back during lunch time when all the cute, suits are power lunching and I will. I love little freebies and I took mine as I left this downtown diner and was reminded of how much I love L.A.

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Kelly said...

What a pretty little cocktail! LOVE the chandelier! Glad you had a lovely evening.

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