Monday, August 17, 2009

aperitivo's at the americana

Nothing like enjoying peach bellini's on a sunday with some italian appetizer's at the new restaurant Amici at the Americana. I was instantly attracted to the outdoor seating of the restaurant that faced a grassy area where children were playing and in view of one of my favorite stores. Nothing beats dining out side with a chandelier. This was an instant attraction as well as the wonderful aperitivo's sent our way by the chef. Just a coincidence that this italian trattoria would be a reminder of wonderful memories past. We shared a pizza and salad. Enjoyed the cocktails and especially the invitation to "Come back soon, ciao bella," music to my ears. Did a little window shopping, and decided I have my uniform set for the winter all inspired by these cardigans. Did I say I like Ruffles?

images: chandelier, cardigans

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