Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tia torres on ellen

I am hooked on Tia Torres and her show, Pit bulls and Parolees. Having been a guardian myself of 2 Staffodshire Terriers, Lana and Lola, I was also afraid of all of the hype about Pitbulls and their disobedient behavior. I resolved myself to be an educated Pitbull owner and soon was taking obedience classes in the valley where none other than Tia Torres was giving them for gratis. What a treat. I am a sucker for the breed now and am so happy to see she is enlightening the public with her weekly show and helping to rehabilitate parolees by working with the misunderstood breed. If I could do something to give back I would donate my services to Tia, looks like she is a perfect 77/45. I included a clip of the recent Ellen show with Tia and Snorky enjoy the love. Speaking of Ellen digging her new bright blonde streaks. Sometimes going blonder in the winter works for blondes. I would say she is a perfect high lift color combination of 12/22, 12/0,12/61, and 12/03

images via O magazine hair by Serge Normant


Raven said...

I watched the episode where Ellen talked about being on the cover of “O Magazine”. It was hilarious! By the way, you recently commented on my blog wondering how I got the “Feather Fotography” on all of my pictures. Well, I just use Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 4.0. Once you are in there, just go to “Special Effects” and then “Add Text” and bottah-bing-bottah-boom! You’ve got text!

haircutting in high heels said...

Thank you Raven you are a creative genius!

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