Monday, February 8, 2010

fearless femininity

Just came back from a Sebastian update,  The Collection; Velvet Vertico, voluminous, wearable haircuts like these shown. Full Frontal, a not so classic bob with an undercut edge, that can be styled in to a daring Mowawk Plume. Celestial Sphere, a shoulder length hair cut that is not your usual feathered friend weight is defined, and balanced with soft curves, think of an hourglass. Swinging Shapely, long, layers, with a lighter texture created with shears and softly skimming of the razor with soft bangs, swinging softly to the side. This season's collection inspiration comes from Fashion, as in this designer's classy clothes collection, feminine and girly with decadent flamboyance.  Design, objects that would normally be associated with the masculinity show femininity with a bling. To get the best of these weightless, voluminous, dramatic looks, start out with Volupt Shampoo and conditioner and Volupt Spray gel to define these disconnected haircuts as you style. For more support, Mousse Forte and Shaper Zero Gravity for waves, and curls, in curvaceous forms.
More great news to share, congratulations to Megan, you are the winner of this gift away posted here.
 I am looking forward to hearing if it will be a touchdown for me in the giveaway posted today at Amber's Notebook.

images: sebastian professional, hinks taylor, james jaxxa, 


COCAMIA said...

You seem very inspired! I love the photo with the black dress and red lip! Absolutely stunning!!!!

Megan said...

YAY about the Giveaway! I'm sure I will love it!

And I LOVE voluminous hair! Right now the sleek look is easier, but when I have some extra time in the morning I really try to pump it up!

Amber said...

You make me want volume, volume, VOLUME! I love that pink football and thank you!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

all of these pictures are so beautiful...even the pink sequin football!
xox alison

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