Sunday, January 10, 2010

wella color blending & a beautiful bob

This beautiful bob is a favorite of mine this season and displayed on most of the Wella literature, instruction manuals, and even dvd's for educators and professionals. Her image is a soft, classic bob with bangs, slight beveled texture, and color blending of at least 4 fashionable fall shades. The formula for her color vary in tones of Koleston Perfect pure natural, blonde tones and a little special mix of gold, caramel and brown.  I use this imagery often as well as the 4 other models with color variations of Special blonde and butterscotch. Love the sultry brunette with hints of redwood, sable, and  chocolate brown. The wow factor is definitely in those vibrant reds with the p5 molecule that is best known for reflecting only red light.  I think the images are perfect for this seasons trends. As a stylist and educator it keeps me happy in my high heels sharing color charts, imagery as shown and constantly referring to my manuals for color blending formulas that never cease to amaze me. The brilliant, beautiful, results in color are unique to each client. I love to take a step back and enjoy the results of the fruits of my labor. For clients I wish for you the same excitement as you leave the Salon from your stylist behind the chair.

image: wellausa


COCAMIA said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog because now I have discovered your blog! Love it! The second image is stunning! Keep blogging and sharing! I am following you...xo

Alina said...

All of these colors are soo beautiful, the hair in general is just perfect!!

One of my best friends is looking to dye her hair the perfect shade of brown, so I will be sure to forward her this post.

Thank you for your always kind comments...they make my day : ) Good luck with the computer, I shall pray to the computer gods.


Mackenzie said...

just stumbled upon your blog — where were you when i was figuring out what to do with my hair?! ( haha i suppose for my next haircut...

sarah said...

LOVE the hair. I will take the blond in image 2, start with the bob and let it grow into image 4. ;)
So inspiring Gina.. xo
Is that a new pic of you? It's fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

good start

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