Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'd like to thank my hairdresser

Because celebrities have such an impact on what we see and hear in society I love to hear it when they thank all the behind the chair action with the hairdressers and make up artists that transform and create for them. Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech was abundantly grateful for her Golden Globe award which not only included her husband but all the make up and hair crew who transformed her character from the inside out in the movie, The Blind Side. She is my kind of gal, more comfy in jeans than ball gowns and can't wait to get home and walk her dogs. PenĂ©lope Cruz was nominated for best supporting actress in the movie, Nine, Can you tell she is a favorite of mine? During her recent 60 minutes, interview she revealed that her first acting experience came from being in the hair salon of her mother, a hairdresser. "Listening to people talk about their lives, or the things that they wouldn't talk about but revealed by their actions." gave her an insight into acting. Although she didn't leave with a Golden Globe she is a winner to me especially with a man like Javier by her side. Speaking of globes Mariah Carey's were out there in full force as seen here, What did you think? I like my favorite Skinny Dish author, Bethanny Frankel's  take on her, "Mariah's dogs are all over the yard, but I love that she doesn't care. She rocks her rocks and owns it."

image: Michael Tighe


COCAMIA said...

We are so lucky to be in this industry! I have worked in salons for over 15 years with some of the best stylists and colorists. I have learned so much from my clients too! We are so fortunate! Great Post!!!

Alina said...

yeah i love it when the stars give credit to those helping them shine! Sandra definitely seems like a humble one, love her!


Amber said...

great post! If I had someone make my hair look amazing I would definitely thank them. I love that picture!

Beno said...

Yes, it was so awesome to see that the stars were appreciative of their hairstylists.

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