Friday, January 29, 2010

beauty sleep

Some much needed beauty sleep is in order, after a busy work week of beautifying others with these products in the Salon this week: Nioxin clarifying treatments followed by a hydrating mask for the hair. Love this product for smoothing hair and this one for letting curls go wild. I use this Niospray as a finishing product to seal the cuticle, an added bonus the reflectives in this product leave hair with natural hold and sheen. Men are never to be forgotten especially when coiffing faux hawks with this product. The look of Form, Flow, and Flaunt a compliment to all of the colorful highlights, lowlights, and relights I have been enjoying perfecting so much. Thank you for visiting me I adore the comments, they make my day.
Hope to see you next week for my first gift-away!

Shalom Harlow by Ellen von Unwerth


Couture Carrie said...

Happy Sunday, darling!

Gorgeous photo!


Anonymous said...

I need some beauty sleep. Working 16 hours days preparing for NY fashion week is weakening my mind, body and spirt. Can't wait for the giveaway. xo Mish

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