Sunday, January 17, 2010


Lovers with Oxford College beckoning in the back round,

Effortless upswept hair, soft smokey eye, with a  pouty red lip.

Easy to forget she is still a young school girl

Updo very Audrey Hepburn a la Breakfast at Tiffany's

Great hair looks good under lovely leopard hats too.

Romance, cocktails

  & beautiful music

Looks like today will be a dirty secret kind of day for me in regard to my hair. With a busy work day ahead I would rather spend this time with you to share one of the Golden Globe nomination's, An Education . Love the darling actress, Carey Mulligan as Jenny, kind of reminds me of a young Katie Holmes. We see her grow up before our eyes as the desire of an older man captivates her heart. Glimpses of Oxford college, smoky nightclubs, sultry music, 60's inspired hairstyles, and faux furs and hats. Reminiscing on hairdo's past and present. This new product from Sebastian Volupt, for big hair paired with NioSpray, love the reflectives gives hair a shimmer even on fine hair with out  weighing it down. Currently educating myself with a new computer  blue tooth software, flush keyboards, and hidden buttons, took me a bit to figure it all out but it's good to be back!
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Alina said...

hmm I will definitely check out this film, have a great one :)


COCAMIA said...

Need to see this film! I have heard only good things!

stells and co. said...

Such a great movie!!! Great post too...loved all the pics. Just signed up to follow your blog, will you do the same?

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