Thursday, January 21, 2010

more madonna

More Madonna from her recent Dolce Gabanna add that I posted about  here.  I hope you don't mind if I make it a quickie I love my blogging but the late nights up are leaving me looking a bit worn if I keep this up I may have to fly in and see Madge's doc for some facial rejuvenation as seen here.

                                      her arms, I am always so impressed by them and
                                      her corset gives a good lift

                                 she makes putting on lipstick sexy, is that lola?

                                 I always hang my fine washables to dry too, and love the lavender scented sachets

                                 "don't cry for me argentina," when you have him

                this is for you, for stopping by, for saying "hi," have a lovely weekend!


Alina said...

happy weekend! Madonna looks amazing in these photos!

Alina :)

Amber said...

wow those are awesome!

COCAMIA said...

Absolutely Fabulous!!!

madeleine said...

its very dior. lovely.

Madonna's cool. :)

stells and co. said...

Love this post. These are the kind of Madonna images that I just love!!!

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