Friday, July 17, 2009

a little about me

Story telling is always so interesting as I lay me down to sleep I have been enjoying my new read, sTori Telling. We all have a story to tell and whether you like the reality tv star, Tori Spelling, or not she tells her story with a great sense of humor and recaps her life starting with childhood memories that molded the Woman she has come to be. I recently watched Oprah's show filled with great anti-aging tips Dr.Oz's, advice is that being passionate in your life about the things you do have a huge impact on staying young. I am passionate about many things, my health, exercising and staying fit, my work, my loved ones including my beautiful animals, are first on the list. I am often asked while at Trader Joes stocking up on their version of greenies, and peanut butter dog cookes, or on my daily walks what made me have such big dogs and especially a pit bull? I adopted both of my dogs, Lana and Bruno or rather I believe they came to me because I believe we are lucky to be a dogs guardian for this short but lovely time they spend with us on earth. They don't ask for much just lots of discipline, exercise and affection. In that order according to my favorite Dog psychologist. I some times fail at the order of affection so hard not to snuggle Lana's tummy in the morning when at my first steps to turn on my coffee she is on her back, legs up, ready for a belly rub. I love my mornings and my daily ritual after the coffee of course is my walk with the early morning air and less traffic to my ears I get some cardio going taking on the hills with two weights in each hand, Lana and Bruno. This picture above was taking in memory of my birthday and enjoying the beauty of the Atheneum where I have precious memories of a wedding past. I was inspired by "Sex and The City," and Carrie Bradshaw's comical and witty writing skills as she shared her knowledge and trials and triumphs in love and life. I couldn't wait to share mine.

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