Friday, August 20, 2010

youth serum

One of my Epicuren, youth serum's Enzyme Concentrate  gives my skin some much needed moisture

I consider skincare an essential treat I give my body daily. It definitely starts from the inside out and I'm sure I could have avoided some unnecessary stress to my skin from tensing up when upset, or even scowling. Since this computer is the best reminder of my reflection I find myself putting on a happy face more times than not. My other essentials from the Epicuren line: Alpha Lipoic Omega, Colostrum Cream, eye cream, and I swear I can dab a bit of the Pro-Collagen cream on any fine lines at the corner of my eyes and It diminishes them like magic.
 Protein Mist after my shower and before bedtime what a difference a little beauty sleep makes!
What are your beauty secrets? A plastic surgeon's concept of beauty from Dr Frederic Brandt here.

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Absolutely Ladylike said...

A little piece of heaven in a bottle :-) Great links!

Have a great weekend, cheers: Evi

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