Friday, July 30, 2010

fresh {eat pray love}


Read the book before you see the movie, and you will have a different idea of the characters chosen, Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem? That's ok I'll pay good money to go see a movie just to drool over Javier, lucky Penelope!  I am in heaven that my favorite Sugar line is now carrying these new scents inspired by the movie, Eat, Pray, Love. one of my all time favorite scents is Sugar, have been wearing it for years so much so I can't even smell it any more. When I want to be super indulgent I also use the Sugar Scrub and the cubes in my bath
Tonight on my way home I had something good to EAT: Baby's  pink truck what a welcome site coming home from work, so bright and pink at first I thought it was a cupcakes truck.
 PRAY: getting back into my daily yoga practice with a little help here keeps me conscious of my breathing and attention to things that matter and discard those that don't, like wasted energy.
LOVE: is always all around us, the opportunity to spread love with kind words, a soft touch, or even a smile. I'm a sucker for love and such a goon. I even got a little teary eyed watching the recent episode of Bethenny Getting Married. She is so happy and yes, more maternal being a mom. Her Cookie monster is something else and needs Cesar. Speaking of my peanut butter cookie monster,  Lana, my sweet dog is aging and along with that come some concerns that gave me a little scare this week, so much that I practically left the salon with my clients color still on just to snag an emergency appointment with her vet. (you know what I mean) Lana dog is much better and recovering quickly with lots of LOVE. More sweet love here

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Stephanie said...

I'm so excited for the movie, I should def read the book first tho!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Lana is o.k., it's awful to see them get sick. I love Sugar products too and I saw these new fragrances on the Sephora website, (which I scour a little too frequently)! I am dying to get my butt over there to sniff and spritz! Have a great weekend. xo

nyc lu said...

i didnt read the book but i so want to see the movie. hope they didnt make it too cheesy..


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