Monday, November 9, 2009

lashes to die for

Loving anything Madonna related and I especially love long lashes. I don't really believe in the mink thing. Here are some options for glitterazzi lashes with out hurting any furry beings on the planet. For me, my daily lash fix comes from Diorhshow with Blackout as seen here.
Good news, according to Madonna's make up artist, the other Gina. No harm done to the minks of the earth. "The animals shed during the winter months, so we take the sheddings and we hand-make the lashes." I remember the same question being asked about certain make up brushes made of sable from horse tail bristle. What do you think?

Images: Madonna
, gliving


Raven said...

You know, I never knew people used fur for lashes! I do think it is kind of cruel. But I love the picture though...wish I could get my lashes like that...sigh...

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I like that it's animal friendly. Love those eyelashes, so cool.

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