Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Inside Look at Oribe

I met Oribe a few years ago at his original location above the Red Door on 5th ave. We were on a business trip hair show hopping. As we entered the lavish Venetian inspired lounge, we looked up in awe at the clouds on the ceiling. He must have known hairdresser's were in the house because he suddenly appeared looking like a movie star himself so nice and welcoming. He gave us a tour of the salon. The female stylists were busy working as they posed for a moment in their kitten heels. The male stylists with trend-setting pompadours worked out of a trunk ready to go to the next runway shoot. Oribe's already growing celebrity clientele had just started to include La Lopez coiffing her for her upcoming CD debut. Watching this video on a recent workshop he conducted reminds me of how much he inspires me.
An Inside Look at Oribe’s Hair Extravaganza


Anonymous said...

love the Oribe solid gold for a little shimmer on the skin!
thank you for the great hair info.

haircutting in high heels said...

Thank you for the sprinkling of fairy dust!
xo Gina

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