Monday, March 8, 2010

backstage action

Charlize and Sandra wore a pop of color on their lips magnificently

the palette of colors that create, contour, and highlight

a dusting of powder to set the look

a smokey eye for night time glamour
rollers + hot tools for soft, waves, or a simple updo
                      hair with undone tresses was popular worn up or down

With the Oscar's now history, I wanted to give attention to the behind the scenes, hair and make up action. What would we do with all of the talented hair stylists that make Demi, look like she just dipped into the fountain of youth? Jennifer Lopez looking positively perfect with her imperfect hair, Penélope too, and SJP with her hot buns? Not to mention the wonderful male eye candy, Javier Bardem makes me gaga, I would say George Clooney too but I agree with American Salon when they tweeted, "what is up with the Mr Roger's looking hair?" Sorry it is the Oscars after all. Monique and Sandra were the icing on the cake, this tribute to John Hughes was the cherry on top.

images: allure, sarah laird


COCAMIA said...

I love this post! Behind the scenes interest me very much! I wish I could be a fly on the wall while they make all the celebrities beautiful!

carlee said...

I agree! I loved their bright lips! Gorgeous images you posted!

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