Friday, March 12, 2010

dreaming of paris + dirty hair

I spray a little of this on my pillow for sweet lavender scented dreams
Morning coffee does wonders currently drinking this one
talking hair our dirty secret

                            Beautiful weather beautiful hair, it must be Spring!
I love it when I dream and immediately wake up and remember the nights fairy tales with a smile. Last night I dreamt of Paris, working on a brides hair and arriving to the destination by boat, not a yacht but a darling little ferry! I think it probably had to do with this luxurious page I was looking at or this book I was reading before dreamland.  Upon shredding files of years past I came upon my travels past and present. It has been 8 years since Le Bon Vivant en Paris for me. When in Paris or daily travels, a day or two without a wash is fine for some cool hair styles. Even 3 days you could freshen up with this product Five days with out washing is dirty hair! Because I care I am going to share a little secret with you, dirty hair does not make healthier hair. Often the reverse effect happens and the hair cuticle (hair closest to scalp) becomes clogged with build-up. The result; dull, dry, hair and don't stand too close to me hair! The alternative, using plain old apple cidar vinegar does wonders for clarifying hair as does this shampoo. I also have a doggie remedy for apple cider vinegar but will leave that for another post. Other shampoos like this one from Nioxin I have mentioned before here. Paul Mitchell's Tea tree  also works wonders as well as this  Lavender scented shampoo. Lavender is such a calming scent.  I would also attribute my sweet sleep to the lasting aromatic scent from this candle I burned last night, purchased after following this tweet from Sephora.  I leave you from some inspiring photos from this lovely model.
Bon Jour!

images: fashiongoneroque


stells and co. said...

Love the images!

Sarah Klassen said...

Gina - I adore this post!

The images, your written portion - beautiful! Your tips and ideas are always so helpful and leave me wanting to try something new: Apple cider vinegar it is! I find that despite all brands, after using the same shampoo for some time, my hair stops responding to the very thing I purchased it to do, such as volume, scalp care, etc. Perhaps trying something like apple cider vinegar will give it the break it needs.

I hope you have a few other lovely dreams this weekend...dreams are can be so beautiful, especially when in Paris :)


autumndiva said...

Hello Lovely,

I'm inspired. Thanks for the post.

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