Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day

Making a commitment to doing my part to making the world a better place to live has been a work in progress. It starts from the coffee I make in the morning, by choosing Fair Trade, over others.
 Later I use my coffee grounds for compost and even this couple can show you how to make your garden grow with compost, so there go my banana peels as well.
Using Beauty Products like these in larger sizes to cut back on plastic recycling and that support a cause

 I use this shampoo for the whole family

Supporting my local community with local Farmer's Markets and local businesses like these.

 Of course using this method of transportation is always preferable when I can.

come ride with me!

 images:  herbertoluna,flickr, paulmitchell,flickr,myown


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Can you see me juking at my desk to the music, so exotic....I love Nina Simone, this is a favorite for when we first head Due South on the boat, gets us in the mood!

Dang it Heels, I forgot to mention buying local in my Earth Day post!

Totally believe in this theory!

madeleine said...

you go girl!

madeleine said...

ilove earth day! wootwoot! i was a sunshiny day, too!

stells and co. said...

Great words of wisdom! Everyone should be doing their part for the planet! :)

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