Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a gift for my dogs { peanut butter cookies} and a gift for me {in a little blue box}

The holiday season is here ,time is a pressing, my tree is awaiting, and I have a desire to spend the extra time baking. It's not usual I love to cook especially deserts like this The difference tonight it's for the dogs. With the colder California weather in full force it feels good to heat up my old hardwoods with some heat from the oven while watching old movies like this favorite. Deciding which recipe to make wasn't too hard this recipe banishing doggie breath made me laugh, but I wanted to add ingredients like flax seed and yucca to help with joints to make those doggie treks up the hills easier. I will be making this Peanut Butter recipe here, with the above mentioned supplements and an addition of carrot puree, minus the raisins.
I haven't forgotten myself, did I mention what I found cleaning out my closet
 All wrapped up in a little blue box. I can't wait to do a little Tiffany shopping. Images from the lovely Holiday campaign here.
images: marthastewart,mylittleboudoir,prettystuff

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Secret Dream World of Fe said...

OMG! Tiffany's cupcakes!!! Super cute!!! So into my Christmas wishlist!

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