Wednesday, November 24, 2010

living proof {in search of alternative sulfate free shampoo}

My recent Brazilian Blowout treatment on myself has been a success as far as leaving my hair manageable and frizz free. My blow dry time is minimized and my color treated hair is sleek and healthy as ever. The only downside is my preference of product. Brazilian Blowout maintains that these after care products are essential to keeping the look and it's lasting power,(approximately 3-6 months). I have done a little client research of my own Brazilian Blowout success stories and this is what I have come up with. Most curly hair clients love it, but don't' love the limp, flat hair they can experience at first with a fresh treatment. Thorough washing takes care of this in a week or so. I have suggested even alternating product so there is no residue or build up and the Brazilian Blowout lives on in their hair. 
Living Proof  sulfate free shampoo, I'm going to give it a go on my own hair. I'll let you know how it does with my own Brazilian Blowout tresses.
Now if only I could find a cool faux fur like this, to go with my newly sleek hair

images fashionspreads,sephora

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Higgenbottom said...

baking soda/water mixture is a great shampoo alternative. have fun with the fabulous hair!

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