Sunday, November 7, 2010

there's something zen {about zenyatta}

I first became interested in the lovely leading lady Zenyatta  from some racetrack friends and from watching last season's Jockeys with veteran great Mike Smith as Zenyatta's leading jockey. My hometown is pretty close to the  race track so I wasn't surprised or disappointed to bump in to Zenyatta's Mane man Mike Smith dining at a favorite Mexican Restaurant. I couldn't even fathom acting like the obsessed fan that I am by introducing myself, that and the fact that I think his girlfriend and fellow jockey Chantal is pretty special herself.  This weekend was the Breeders Cup and all eyes were on Zenyetta and Mike Smith for her possible 20th consecutive win and perhaps last ride as a race mare. She was up against the boys in this race and the gallant girl known for her foxy trot and fans all around smitten with her regalness were on edge as she galloped from far stretches as she is known to do and came to within a nose of defeat to a 4 year old Colt named Blame, ridden by another favorite, Garret Gomez.  Even I was heaving heavy sighs as I heard the news but mostly in essence of the expectation we have of animals and this particular 6 year old thoroughbred to captivate us, move us, and make us proud. Zenyatta, you have captivated me, moved me with your dance moves, and continue to make us proud, Cheers Zenyatta, I heard you love your stout!

You can see more of this ethereal editorial here. Reminiscing on this heavenly scent by Hermès that tantalized my senses behind the chair on a client. I think it's always nice to leave a lasting impression with your fragrance.  What are you currently wearing that you love?


hip hip gin gin said...

Gorgeous photos, very ethereal indeed! I am currently wearing Burberry Classic, I always reach for it at the beginning of fall.

Yolanda said...

Great post Gina.

Have a great day!!

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