Monday, February 21, 2011

color me pretty {make-up monday}

Shopping for make up is always an experience even for this make up artist
The lovely Olivia Palermo inspires me, with a pop of pink on her pouty lips, how-to, tips below
Currently growing out my hair and loving these upswept romantic updo's
 If I can find some as dazzling jewels as her's from Forever 21 I will be one happy girl

It's Monday and I have make up on the mind. A little Sephora shopping trip never hurts.
Yesterday in the company of a five year old, It's not surprising I couldn't keep her away from the colorful pops of pink all over. She even inspired me to ditch my natural neutrals and try a little pop of color for spring. A little blotting with a soft tissue after applying color leaves a soft stain on those pouty lips. Of course I had to remind her of the rules of testing out make up from a counter. Sanitize your hands first, wipe off excess before applying. Use new and sanitary applicator brushes and sponges only. Don't hesitate about asking for a new tester if you are serious about purchasing especially for lip and eye products where the double dipping usually occurs.  Feeling like showing off a little skin I left with an illuminating tinted moisturizer and some oil free foundation that lets my skin glow. More make up tips hereWhat's in your bag of tricks lately?

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