Thursday, February 17, 2011

dainty and demure {hair by malcom edwards}

undone hair has a bit of a romantic feel when you pair it with a headband
leaving a hair mask in my ever growing long hair I added a floral headband to a soft messy chignon
 I even tried on a hat, this one reminds me of the bowler hat in one of my favorite movies here
 a simple headband can do wonders and a floral one can dress up even a bad hair day
Just remember this season it's not about perfect but you can still keep it soft and sexy

I was over the top when I saw this editorial. It only seems suiting that Malcom Edwards would be the lead hairdresser. I have long been a fan of his over the top hair, much like Tim Walker inspired editorials grandiose in presentation and eye catching appeal. Have you noticed the hair all over the runway's this season mimic a very soft, sexy, and ruffled appearance and lots of braids like this one? For everyday off the runway here are some great tips from the man himself. My favorite Malcom Edwards editorial with the lovely Kate Moss here . Some lovely headbands here


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