Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hippie hair love

great braiding and more hair tips here

it's all about loose, soft, sexy, waves

 Conditioning long hair is essential hair. Nourished, healthier hair  cuts down on blow dry time a smoothing serum helps too 

For all of my Brazilian Blowout Babes, the treatment to keep frizz out and smooth, sexy, shiny hair in has been a success! The sulfate free shampoo and aftercare products from Brazilian Blowout with Acai and other nourishing ingredients are recommended from the manufacturer to guarantee long, lasting, results. Keeping with the Sulfate free shampoo's I was so excited to see that this Miracle product now has a new Sulfate free moisturizing shampoo. Using products like the Shampoo, mask, leave-in conditioner and new styling serum would surely keep your hair looking smooth, soft, and wouldn't that be nice if it made it grow long too?
images: vogue, it'sa10


COCAMIA said...

I prefer the loose, sexy, and wavy type hair than the braid. Kinda getting bored with the braid trend. Maybe because it does not appeal to me personally. I hope all is well and your spreading your love and talent to your clients....xo

Alina said...

wow, all the hair displayed is absolutely beautiful! If I could results like this I would definitely do it! Keep the wave/curl and lose the frizz, could there be anything better!


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