Monday, May 31, 2010

glass slippers

What can I say I love shoes just like these Cinderella Slippers

Check out the sculpted curvature of the heel such artwork, would love to see these in my closet as well as this Sea of Shoes

A woman after my own heart, doggie on beautiful chair, priceless!

This little princess has a head start on wrapping him around her finger another way to his heart here

This pretty much sums up my weekend, doggie baths, with this treatment shampoo, which leaves the dogs squirming and squeaky clean, can't wait to see this movie
More puppy love here

Happy Memorial Day, What are your plans? Whether you are resting, lounging or playing may you have a lovely one, what a beautiful atrium perfect for a family brunch here

and here. Joining mi familia for brunch today, in Loving memory of..
not sure if I should make this pizza recipe shown here

 or something light like this salad so refreshing with slices of mandarin and beets,

 what do you think? Hope you are having an indulgent Holiday weekend!

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