Saturday, May 8, 2010

prelude to mother's day brunch

I work on Saturday's in the Salon and what a busy, bustling day. I am grateful for my clients, and for the fabulous recipe's they share with me, like this one:

Sheryl's Mango Margarita's

2 cups of frozen diced mangos
1 cup of fresh lime juice
4oz of premium Tequila ( Cazadores for us)
2oz Grand Marnier
Servings 4

Tonight I decided to make a little dinner for one of favorite people in the whole world, My Mother.
She likes her margarita, for the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Did you know that Mango's are a great source of Antioxidants? Just an important side note.
 Did I mention I have been loving making pizza with this dough from Trader Joes? So easy I'll never buy frozen or even take out from Casa Bianca again. Well, let me think about that.
I used this great recipe from Katie Lee Joel's Cookbook for Pesto and garlic and added it to the dough, along with Olive Oil and fresh grated Parmesan and sliced roma tomatoes.
While the pizza was cooking started making this Salad below which is a little twist on a classic Greek Salad, just add watermelon, delicious and refreshing, recipe here.
 Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, and Happy Mother's day to you.

images: marthastewart,joythebaker


COCAMIA said...

Fantastic post! I really love all the valuable info our clients give us! Especially recipes! Hope you and your mom have a beautiful day together! The pizza sounds delicious...xo

Kelly said...

NEVER get take out from Casa Bianca? Hmmm....

Dani said...

Thanks, hope you had a lovey Mother's Day! Isn't Trader Joe's the best? I have found a love for cooking since I started shopping at that place. [Plus it's sooo much cheaper than Whole Foods!]

Megan said...

I love these food and drink inspiration posts! Happy Belated Mother's Day to you and your puppies!

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