Tuesday, May 11, 2010

red headed beauty

high hair and razor sharp nails, showing off a what looks like a beehive of a ring

lashes on top and bottom give this incredible wide eyed, cat eye effect

jewels on her wrist and her lashes, look closely

I Love the many many different hues of redheads. I mentioned a few on yesterday's post with the likes of Julienne Moore and Kate Walsh. I love my special mix of reds in the Salon. Taking a peak at fgr this morning gave me such a big surprise with the high hair, luxurious curls with bangs, and some eye-catching make up, what do you think? Too avante garde or tres chic?

Are you considering bangs with your curls? As you can see here it works

cascade of curls naturally or use this for a little spring in your curl

champagne and gold compliment a redhead

Spring in your step and in your curls with this treatment

 check out the sparrows on her Miu Miu's 

don't forget to use this shampoo to keep you red hot
more lovely pastel's in make up here


Jen said...

I love my brown hair but girl, this makes me want to switch! These shades are gorgeous!

stells and co. said...

As a redhead I really love this post! The images are amazing!!!

Kelly said...

Is this my next 'do? J'Adore!

Sarah Klassen said...

I love being a redhead! It's so funny, for a photoshoot, I had bangs + mega, mega curls! I had so much spray in my hair, I had to wash it four times...but it was so, so cool :)

Lovely pictures!
Hope you're having a wonderful week so far*


haircutting in high heels said...

I love hearing all of the comments especially starting with you Jen, girl you made me smile early in the A.M.!
Love all of the red heads here, you are rare and lovely heads to work on and I love every bit of it. Kel, hope this keeps you inspired.

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