Wednesday, February 23, 2011

beauty and sleep {night table reading}

No matter how much make up I buy or how nutritious I eat
It can never replace the benefit of a good nights sleep

My bedside reading, "It's Not Really About the Hair," by Tabatha Coffey is so inspiring. She has been called many a B word in her confrontations with fellow stylists previously on Shear Genius and on her current hit show. She stands up for what she believes in and calls it like it is without sugar coating it. Take a good look at yourself, she warns before you stand behind the chair look at yourself first, do you even look the part? Point taken, until my grows as long as my favorite Miami Housewife there is no reason not to have a cool side part ponytail like this. Tabs also reminds us of the effect we have on our clients. Providing a great haircut or color service truly can effect how clients feel on the inside. To have such power in my fingertips, I do consider a gift. It's what we do with these gift's in life that matters, right? Are you currently reading something that inspires you?


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