Monday, March 7, 2011

inspiration beautiful bobs {vidal sassoon}

when you have a geometric, sharp, haircut like this 
and the hair is worn a little fuzzy, in it's natural state
Just came back from seeing this spectacular movie, Vidal Sassoon The Movie. I honestly thought it would never get here in the States. I have been waiting awhile since this post. I love the look of the sixties very reminiscent in what is going on in hair like Michelle Williams twiggy inspired coiff and all the right implements, lashes, and liner, below.
big lashes and extended eyeliner for a lovely doe eyed effect like this

As I relax with a nice sudsy bath before bedtime, I will remember these words that rings so soundly to my soul, spoken from the hair master himself Vidal Sassoon: "Haircutting and styling is a form of design that comes from within, you live it, breathe it, and even spend hours longer mastering your craft to be a truly good artist. "This applies to just about anything you want to succeed in." Some more Vidal inspired inspiration from Tabatha here.

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styleforlife said...

I want this bob soooo much!
xxx to you- Emily of EL Vintage

Fé... said...

Yey for eyeliner, fake lash and red lips!

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