Friday, March 18, 2011

strike a pose {kate winslet vogue u.k. 2011}

I'm down with a little ankle injury, surely a reminder that my high heels and repetitive cardio moves need a break
I am ready to hop back up as soon as possible after seeing the lovely Kate Winslet striking a blonder pose here in this editorial
there are some women who just get better with Kate and look at J.Lo on idol stunning!
I am so in love with a little sexy back like this. 
this will surely be my new spring fling
and tidied up buns and knots and smoother hair for  lovely spring evenings ahead

Have a lovely beginning of Spring weekend, More Spring inspiration with braids here.


stells and co. said...

LOVE, this blonder look on Kate! She certainly looks amazing!!!

worldinapapercup said...

Kate's blond in those pictures is seriously the MOST PERFECT tone of platinum I have ever seen! She looks amazing.

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