Monday, April 18, 2011

green around the edges

shades of green for spring

My kind of chair this is how you get rid of candy wrapper evidence
buff and polish and your canvas will look great with the slightest tinted moisturizer
my favorite green products below

Paul Mitchell products, tested on humans not animals.

Dealing with a desk full of weeks worth of paper work is never fun. Of course the best distraction is a new post. As I browsed through my latest Beauty Launchpad I was so inspired by things the beauty industry is doing to remind us to make a difference. Whether it's staying in a greener hotel, purchasing beauty products that encourage recyclable packaging, or my favorite, beauty products good enough to use on my best friends. 

1 comment:

stells and co. said...

I love this post! I haven't tried any of the Paul Mitchell tea tree line, but I think that I will now! :)

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