Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday inspiration {diamond dust}

All that glitters.. diamond dust in hair products and in make up Stila has a new set of sparkle for eyes

inspired by this 70's style hair and make up with over the top lashes
 A modern twist on this little pouf of a beehive 
Affordable luxury for your hair with these new products created with a little diamond dust nourishing for color treated hair and intoxicating to the senses. I always remind my clients your hair is an investment. Using the proper color care products will only make your hair color look better longer. 
and one more product I can't help but add any time you can refresh with a clarifying shampoo you give your hair a healthy break from buildup.  

Just for fun this twist below reminds me of the cone I had at Mc D's yesterday.. ever have one of those days? It's tax season I needed a break!



Jaclyn Beith said...

I wonder if I can get my girl to do my eye lash extensions that long! Gorgeous!!! <3

stells and co. said...

Love this post! The images are amazing!!!

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