Monday, December 6, 2010

Unforgettable.. the dress {beautiful shoes and big hair}

I mentioned here how much my preference for a wedding dress has changed, less is more.
Peter Fox has such lovely vintage style shoes, I bought some for my own wedding
an impromptu shot of those bridal shoes, any idea which ones?.
 The grandiose affair would be the hair, the higher the hair the closer to heaven

In the midst of showcasing the beautiful things in my closet as inspired here, it helped me to not only to purge but to open up those shoe boxes and decide which ones should be worn and which should be shared. Material things are replaceable. It's rather cathartic, once I get started I don't even want to replace with anything other than things I love.

images: modernbride,myown,5inchesandup,luciedoughty

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High Heeled Life said...

Love that dress!! Hmmm I'm thinking the top ones with flower/bow....

Your post spoke volumes to me today... I have been going through a need to purge items; keeping only the items I truly love...xo HHL

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