Friday, June 3, 2011

shoe shopping {for summer}

Did these get your attention? Yeah me too.
Today after working in high heels all day my feet ache, what a welcome relief with these lace up espadrilles.  The white ones with the bow are super cute and inexpensive.
I changed my mind, I'm all over these charlotte olympia hooker heels, and that other pair make me want to go to the circus.

What about you, found your summer shoe yet?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore that top pair of high heeled espadrilles...scared to find out the price tag though, lol.

Jaclyn Beith said...

I just ordered another pair of espardrilles...Toms no less! So comfy and a peep toe :)

Isabela said...

Just LOVED them!!! :-)

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