Tuesday, July 5, 2011

diamonds and dogs {a girls best friend}

turning my dreams into plans is taking up this girls time lately you can read all about it here
I hope this explains the lack of consistency in my posts
even dreams of travel have been put on hold
when you have a dear best friend you never want to leave when there not feeling their best as I mentioned here
don't think I'm missing out though,
I still like to glam it up
I just bring my best friends along, both of them. 


Jaclyn Beith said...

I am so glad i'm not the only one who hasn't been up to blogging :) Miss seeing your posts. Hope you are well!


Secret Dream World of Fe said...

I think you miss one more, a girl's best friend: heels. They're all my precious!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Smiled at the title. So true! My little dog is pretty much the perfect man. If only he brought home a paycheck!! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow, superb web site layout! How long are you blogging for?

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