Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to master the selfie and I'm too old for braids

I'm back again, I have to say I realize why I stopped blogging, besides life challenges  I was facing as seen here. It takes time! I skimmed through my past blogs and it's amazing what a difference a 4 years makes. As much as I love all the pretty pictures some my own and many inspirational, I no longer want or have the desire to have the best pictures but rather the best representation of real life in la vida buena de Gina.
When the weather warms up I like to make changes in my clients and myself as well. One of my favorite gentle reminders is, "What's the use of having long hair if it's always in a ponytail?"
I'm thinking of rocking this look again soon. I've been wearing too many ponytails!
while admiring my new look last year, I accidentally starting video taping myself
I personally am sick of taking selfless and even considered a plus one so he could take pictures of me!
         but that didn't work I hate online dating, so I'm still taking selfies
 It  was obviously a slow day in the salon, see that those little bottles through the mirror?
Some of my all time favorites for braids and even dirty hair. Fresh hair, I favor during dry hair cutting powder puff, adds a little texture for braids and cool up do's,night rider for my cool guys and guys who sport short hair and faux hawks and it smells like lemon Verbena. I'm a sucker for great smelling hair products!

Braids are red hot for Spring as seen here in a previous post. 

I'm too old for braids what was I thinking?

no matter how you look at it

highlights always make hair up styled hair look better and brighter    

Pink hair don't care another favorite from KMcolor bug
for some fair dust of pink that just washes out.

  the great thing about mannequins is you can lighten the heck out of the hair and she'll never complain about hair falling out, not that I work that way! 

and then there's hair stitching, but thats another post!

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