Saturday, April 12, 2014

the honeymoon is over {doggie drama}

Well, I knew the perfect boy was impossible. I have been in honeymoon bliss with my beloved boy that I mentioned here,

The nice thing is I got inspired to give some love back to my garden that was seriously slacking I even put up new solar lighting so I could enjoy the beautiful evening weather while petting my new boy and  enjoying a glass of vino! My morning ritual consists of a morning walk with he and Val. I like to save  a little special time in the evenings for just he and I on a walk just to get to know each other better.
I have read enough Cesar Millan and Tamar Geller books to know what red flags are in dog behavior. How I missed it on the morning playtime makes me feel like a failed mom who didn't protect her kid in time. The kid happened to be Valentina my boxer dog. I had just started to allow the two time off the lead after a 30 minute walk.We were in an enclosed grassy area on our regular early morning walk. Our big beautiful boy, Bear, Luca, Mio ( we haven't chosen his forever name yet) did well the first day, but I firmly put him back on lead soon after her started barking and playing way too hard and ignoring my commands to stop and come. The second day I let Val have time on her own first as she started her regular revolutions around me or what I like to call hearts around me, hence her name. Suddenly Bear'sleash was out of my hand and he was after her. I never even realized she was hurt until she started running up to me looking up at me, like she needed me. As I regained their leads and we started walking I saw the puncture. I hoped it was just a scratch. My vet told me otherwise.

it's amazing how well, sit and stay work after a long walk!

I haven't given up yet, but I am glad I was encouraged to take the time as a Foster to get to know him before further action.  I will give time to heal and follow up with the WSGSR and ask for some help ASAP  with his training and behavior. It's funny once you stop humanizing an animal you kind of get your power back. Or maybe he just knows I mean business. Val seems to have forgiven him, I saw her licking his face and ears or maybe she just liked that nice tea tree oil I had just sprayed on him! Yes, Caesar I agree, Dogs have a lot to teach us, especially about living in the moment.


altadenahiker said...

Oh, no. I'm so sorry. Let me know how it works out. If you need me to walk Val while you walk the bad boy, side-by-side, would be happy to do so. Drop me an email, or put it on the blog. Sometimes the dogs work these things out, reach an agreement all on their own. But Val is so precious.

@ miss autumn said...

Hey Gina,

Great post! Welcome back. :)

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