Tuesday, September 28, 2010

more little black dresses

the best little black dresses in my closet
I treasure are the ones I have found 
when I haven't been looking
Wearable jersey fabric is always a favorite in this unexpected hot October weather
Now all I need to decide is what shoes to wear

Hello hot loves, with temperatures scorching here in L.A. the last thing I was looking for yesterday was a little black dress. But, I have to say walking by Ann Taylor ,  and seeing one of my favorite redheads, Karen Elson's pretty face, brought me browsing and leaving with two little black dresses that made me forget the heat.
Another healthy alternative to forget the heat is just go with it. Instead of waiting for the cool down in the evening. I left the doggies in air conditioned bliss while I sweated it out in a new yoga class. A great way to end my day and wake up feeling the nice pull of stretching. What better way to be inspired by looking good in those little black dresses, right? How's the weather in your hood?

images: champagneandglitter,anntaylor,charlotteolympia,flickr


britni @ Antika Moda said...

LOVE black dresses and yoga :)

The Zhush said...

These dresses are gorgeous! Its finally starting to feel like fall here in NY, granted its a very wet one!

Alina said...

ahhh, you can never go wrong with a lbd. these are all great :)

hope you're well Gina!


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