Friday, May 13, 2011

starry eyed

You may know about my favorite Starry eyed tattoo artist, Kat Von D but did you know she now has a new clothing line?
I want a pair of those skin script inspired leggings!
Kat also has her own art gallery, Wonderland where you can see the likes of work like this above from Kevin Llewellyn' who's gothic art reminds me of a cross between Dia De Los Muertosinspired Calaveras mixed with darkness.
I have always been intrigued by the darkness she displays in many of her tattoos and look yet her softer femininity comes through with a strong attachment to her culture, both Mexican and German. She can also play a bad-ass Beethoven tune.
Girlfriend also has a bitchin make up line at Sephora has some of the best pearlized pigment I've worked with, perfect when you want a little shimmer for that starry eyed look that makes a statement, Just like her tattoos.

via inked


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