Friday, October 30, 2009

dia de los muertos

I use to think the skeletons, (calaveras) associated with the Day of the Dead were kind of macabre. Now that I have the knowledge of what they signify, I love the whole tradition. Perhaps that is why I love Christian Audigier tees with their colorful calaveras. I also wear an apron while applying color at work with the calavera motiff, colorful and fun, that I bought here. In Michoacan, Mexico on the first day of November where Dia De Los Muertos, is a cultural phenomenom there is a little island. On this island is a lake called Pazcuaro, and because of the extraordinary beauty of this lake, it was thought to be the door to heaven where the gods entered to come down to earth. Candles are illuminated to show the way of the dead back to earth, and Copalli ( burning sage as an incense) to ward off the evil spirits. The bright yellow Zempaxochitl (cempazuchitl). with it's unique, distinct scent leads the spirit back home to it's alter. The alter is a beautiful memorial of things that the deceased loved and keeps their spirit alive. There is also water to cleanse and to drink. By celebrating their death we celebrate their lives.
The best teacher in my life has been my beautiful mother. I share her message that comes with a Dia De Los Muertos alter, and all of the beautiful imagery that was reminiscent of my beloved Great Grandmother. My Mother shared this at a workshop during one of her many colorful years as a teacher.
This humble endeavor is dedicated to my grandmother. She was my inspiration and strength in life, from her I learned to be a daughter, a mother, and friend. I remember how
She would take my hand gently in hers, and tell me wonderful stories about New Mexico.
From her I learned how to be a story teller
And share her stories with my daughters, and their children, and their children's children. I carry you in my heart, and feel your love, for you are my Nana,
Who was my Tonantzin. (mother earth)
te amo, te amo.
I leave you on a beautiful note of celebratory events happening all over the city. Here are some of note on the eastside, Self-Help Graphics. In Pasadena, The Folk Tree. I am going to a gallery in Silverlake and then over here to get our margarita on.
La Muerte Realisa La Vida Octavio Paz

images: john rees, emilia garcia, mis cositas, ed hardy

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