Saturday, October 3, 2009

ode to joy

Tonight I was fortunate to attend the community concert at the Hollywood Bowl to welcome Gustavo Dudamel, the 28-year-old Venezuelan celebrity maestro as the music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Special gratitude goes out to my make up client, Martha for gifting me the tickets. What can I say, it was definitely worth every aggravated moment I spent in traffic toward my destination the L.A. Zoo park and ride to the Hollywood Bowl. With CPK margarita pizza, with basil and extra garlic alongside a mixed green salad with pears, pecans and gorgonzola, a perfect accompaniment to our vino, Elyse Petite Syrah. This 4 hour concert started with a variety of genre inspired music from Cuban pianist, Alfredo Rodríguez, to funk inspired Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, along with David Hidalgo from Los Lobos and my favorite Cubano Andy Garcia as a guest M.C. The incredible music line up led to the climax of Gustavo's entrance. What’s really jaw-dropping is the way his gestures on the podium embody the music – the way he is able to communicate every detail to his musicians through his hands, his eyes, his balletic footwork, or even a flick of his mop of black curls…” Such Pasión. As the concert continued he was joined by the LA Phil's Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) project, Beethovan "Ode to Joy."
A great prelude to a grand weekend, Bravo!


Kelly said...

How fun, i'm so happy you got to go! Ode to Joy never fails to bring me to tears, even more so if performed by a youth orchestra, so much promise! You're a lucky girl.

haircutting in high heels said...

Thank you Kelly, it was a magical evening. I really enjoyed the community aspect of the concert. With a 45 minute intermission between the musical lineup and Gustavo's Grand Performance. Just enough time to sip some more wine and mingle with our L.A. neighbors. Oh and can't forget celebrity sighting, John Varvatos, from Project Runway.

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