Thursday, October 15, 2009

sebastian flow

When Sebastian re-launched it's packaging in 2008, some were out. Spritz Forte the spritz that glued your feathers together. Wet, " The brainstorm in the rainstorm," a gel that made your hair look wet even when it wasn't. I have been many favorites through the years. I have upgraded my beloved Shaper to Shaper Fierce. I love it the same. Different packaging but the same great, dry spray, and firm hold. Great for closing the cuticle to show the clean lines on a cutting edge bob or smoothing a teased coiff. These are some of my favorite Sebastian Flow products especially created to be kind to hair. I use potion 9 light to smooth out and de-tangle hair the minute I bring them to my chair after an invigorating shampoo. Consultation leading to a great haircut and my favorite part the blow dry and style which is the tell tale of precision work or possible adjustment with a little more dry cutting, another favorite. Today in the salon one of my clients was amazed at how soft her natural waves looked with a little stylixir. I am a lightweight when it comes to product use. Use sparingly where needed in this case a blow dry with taming elixer A weightless smoothing creme with a little avocado oil to help defrizz and smooth out hair . Whipped Cream looks just like it, but for the hair. Great to blow-dry for tousled bounce or to set hair for glamorous, bouncy curls. What products make your hair swing?

sebastian professional


sarah said...

Hi Gina! I have a question.. is this new sebastian packaging not in canada yet? I love shaper plus, but have never heard of shaper fierce? hmm?!! Another question if I can.. it's been 2 years since I had my last little girl, and I have had nothing but problems with my hair since.. what do you recommend to strengthen and grow hair? Thanks for any advice! xo Sarah

haircutting in high heels said...

Hi Sarah,
What great questions so happy to give you the knowledge I have. I am directing your packaging and availability of Shaper packaging and especially Shaper fierce to my colleague at Sebastian, I will check back with you when I have a definitive. As for your hair problems since your pregnancy, I usually suggest a good cut if hair loss continues ( I am assuming that is a problem?) One of my favorite shampoos for scalp treatment is NIOXIN. The whole concept is Scalp Therapy. Many of the scalp conditions have to do with clogging of the cuticle sometimes changing products helps. Nioxin has different formulations to meet your hair type. After shampooing it is essential to condition with Scalp Therapy. You will feel a tingling sensation and you know the product is stimulating your scalp and balancing it back to optimal condition. I can't tell you how much my clients have noticed the shine! Let alone healthier hair. Let me know if this helps.
xo Gina

sarah said...

Thanks for your time and advice Gina! xo

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