Wednesday, October 7, 2009

think pink

Happy National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Beginning October 1st and for the rest of the month, organizations dedicated to helping prevent and cure the disease will be going all out to raise awareness and funds. So in an effort to raise awareness and give back. Here are some of my favorite think pink items. As a hairstylist, a new blow dryer does wonders for the hair and the flick of our wrists. This light weight limited edition Barbie T3 version was used by spokesperson Orlando Pita for the Barbie® Runway show at Mercedes-Benz fashion week in February. The concept, now just like Barbie®, women can create flawless and fabulous hairstyles every time, quickly and easily. Although bigger hair is better this fall, nothing like a new flat iron like this one from T3 a Mini Pink Flat Curling Iron to tame wild stresses when the weather gets fierce. Bright pink colors like this one from OPI, Strawberry Margarita, make my tootsies stand out in my stilettos. Loving the new Juicy Couture fragrance, with the fragrance of vanilla and patchouli in a luxury bottle wrapped in a pink ribbon. Dreaming of this pink Chanel handbag I can borrow it here. But the item that would give me the most pleasure would be this pink dog collar with a little bling on my Lanadog. Perfect for our morning walks.

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Alexa said...

LOVIN' ALL THESE PINK PRODUCTS!!! Adorable blog, i am defiantly feeling the pink this month!

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