Thursday, October 22, 2009

little black book

Cleaning out my closet or in this case my office and shredding away the old to make way for the new. I came upon this Little Black Book from Sebastian . An industry guide made for professionals to keep us inspired with the latest and the greatest in Sebastian hair care and make up . Such beautiful imagery past couldn't be shredded with out sharing. Neo-Romanticism was the collection of hair and make up reminiscent of La Belle Époque. Robert Lobetta former artistic director for Sebastian, turned photographer deserves credit for the imagery on these pages. Make up collection Powders named after the powder dry formulation yet velvety finish. Love the snow white imagery representing a very matte powdered face with emphasis on eyes and lips. Incredible make up artistry by Nicole Servin and Burke Daniels. Defining a perfectly, pouty, red lip is not easy. The dusting of a powdered white face has a beautiful yet haunting visual quality. Love the floating hair crafted by Michael Polsinelli and Robert DiTacchio.

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